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Matthew Torino January 21, 2011 0

As I was meandering throughout CES on the last day before it closed until next year, I was pretty much just trolling for whatever I could find at that point. I just figured there wasn't really anything I could have missed since I was basically running around the Las Vegas Convention Center for four days. After I'd eated my last overpriced meal at the LVCC and had my last $3 20 oz. soda, I figured I'd give the North Hall one last go around since I'd been there the least amount of time. And the last booth I visited, the last one I really paid any attention to, turned out to be my greatest discovery of CES 2011. Here's my review of one of the classiest jackets from the must have E-Reader accessorizer: M-Edge.


M-Edge supplies E-Reader owners, whether they get their fix on the Nook, iPad or market leader Kindle with stylish jackets and cases that will protect the Kindle from the elements as well as just accidentally throwing it in your bag at the wrong angle. The jacket I received was in my opinion the classiest one they had in stock: the New Yorker jacket. While they only have one of the New Yorker covers still in stock online for the 2nd generation Kindle, you should run out there and get one while they're still around. If not the 3rd gen Kindles have them available. Using a photo sublimation process, M-Edge has imposed some of the New Yorkers most famous illustrations onto their Kindle covers. While they aren't available on either the iPad or Nook jackets, the Kindle is the market leader and has the most variety on the M-Edge site.


Now onto the specifics of the New Yorker jacket. When you first take it out of the package, the case is still inside a small pouch that just says "The New Yorker" on it in their signature font. You can just tell by the feel of this leather that you've gotten what you've paid for. This outside pouch may not actually add any kind of extra protection to the Kindle except maybe if you were recklessly carrying it through the elements but it does add to the overall feel of class that this jacket gives off. You just feel smarter by holding this case up and pretending you're reading the New Yorker when you're actually reading Tucker Max.

M-Edge has added their heralded protection to these Kindle jackets as well. There is a cushion that isn't there with the Amazon covers to protect the screen as well as a proper way to snap in the Kindle into the jacket that is sleek and will make sure that thing isn't going anywhere. The "Four Point Mounting System" snaps into the left side of the Kindle while securing the upper and lower right hand corners into sleeves of sorts. The snaps can barely be seen as an unknowing observer would just see the right hand side holding it in place, making it look very natural. The secure placement of the device combined with the cushion and stability of the jacket effectively insure that the screen and body of the Kindle will not be affected in any significant way by any blows barring something ridiculous or unexpected.

Amazon's Kindle covers are notoriously bland. They're just one solid color that doesn't really resemble anything. They lack the artistic flair that these New Yorker jackets have along with pretty much any other M-Edge design whether it's the mechanical Guardian or seemingly leather-bound Executive. Amazon's covers are also known for not working quite as well as they should, especially for the Kindle 2. There have been lawsuits brought up against Amazon because of these flaws that will allow the screen to crack and make buying their cover effectively useless. M-Edge's designs are much stronger and promote style as well as stability none of which Amazon's brand has.

Amazon gets unknowing customers to buy their products simply because of their brand name while M-Edge will gain more and more customers due to both their intelligent design and artistic flair. There clearly is a stronger brand of E-Reader case out there and there's no reason to buy an Amazon brand cover instead of an M-Edge.

M-Edge's e-Luminator Booklight is also compatible with this device and we will have a review on that later in the week.

[Leather GO! Jacket-Kindle 2] – $24.99

[New Yorker Jacket-Kindle (Latest Generation] – $39.99

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