Daily Gaming News: January 7th

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As CES chugs along quite nicely, The Behemoth has finally come out and started talking about exactly what they're going to do in celebration of reaching two million gamers on Castle Crashers. However, that isn't all that happened today, as an upcoming RTS has gone gold and Dragon Age 2 DLC was detailed among other events.


Kalypso announced today that their lair builder Dungeons has gone gold and will be shipping to retailers on February 8th.  In the game, players will he tasked with building up a dungeon and luring in wayward heroes to explore it.  After capturing them, dungeon lrods can then use their energy to build even more elaborate creations.




Passing 200 million users on an XBLA game is a pretty big deal, so big that you need to have an equally awesome celebration to go with it.  The Behemoth is aware of this and has announced that to celebrate passing this milestone they are giving away a 24k gold plated Xbox 360, yes you read that correctly.



Winning the golden box won't be easy though, as the indie developer has arranged a tournament of champions in order to decide who gets the prize. In order to be eligible, gamers must be in the top 100 on the Castle Crashers leaderboards by January 28th.

After qualifying, gamers will take place in a set of one-on-one arena battles on February 5th to determine a winner. The champion will get the golden Xbox, second place will get a Behemoth themed Xbox 360 Elite while third will apparently get 250 squishy chickens. The top 24 and 100 will also receive prizes.

[Castle Crashers]-1200 MSP or $14.99 (PS3)

A while ago, we brought you news that Dragon Age 2 will have a signature edition with a copy of the game's soundtrack, access to an in-game armory, and some mysterious content.  That content got a name today in the form of "The Exiled Prince".

 The content will consist of three missions in which the player will team up with an archer named Sebastian Vael, an archer who's family has been killed.  Working with him, you must either avenge the murder of the Vael family or convince Sebastian to use his energy elsewhere.  If you don't grab the signature edition before it disappears on January 11th the DLC will run you $14.99 or 1200 MSP.

Dragon Age 2 will launch on xbox 360, PS3, and PC come March 8th.


[Dragon Age 2]-$59.99 (Xbox 360 Signature Edition), $59.99 (PS3 Signature Edition), $49.99 (PC Signature Edition), $59.99 (Xbox 360 Regular Edition), $59.99 (PS3 Regular Edition), $49.99 (PC Regular Edition)

Homefront is the latest battleground in the fight against pre-owned video games.  Today it was revealed that new copies of the upcoming Red Dawn inspired game will come with a code for THQ's Online Pass feature, which will allow gamers to play online to their heart's content.


If you buy the game preowned on the other hand, you will not initially have access to the online pass, capping your advancement at level 5.  This can of course be rectified by paying THQ $10.

Homefront will release on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on March 8th in America, March 10th in Australia, and March 10th in Europe.


[Homefront]-$57.99 (PS3), $57.99 (Xbox 360), $47.99 (PC)


With only two weeks until Mindjack comes out on consoles, Square Enix has a public service announcement for everyone: be careful what you jack into.  This latest trailer serves as a lesson of the problems that can occur when you just starting hopping into everything's mind.


Mindjack will be released on January 18th on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

[Mindjack]-$59.96(PS3) & $59.96(Xbox 360)

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