Daily Gaming News: December 31st

jmaltz@pnosker.com January 1, 2011 0

We're almost out of the woods on the sleepy post-Christmas period for the video game industry. To cap it off and wish you a happy new year, we've got a trailer for CardMon Heroes and a lovely take on "Hey There Delilah" for fans of Cthulhu.

If your life's been lacking in the MMO card battling department, Redbandana has exactly what you've been looking for to spice it up.  The American developer has released a new trailer for its upcoming game CardMon Hero, the American take on Camon Heroes.  Have a look at it below.

CardMon Hero will be released soon for PCs

[CardMon Hero]-$F2P

What is better than a trailer for a newly released game on the Xbox LIVE Indie Marketplace?  The release of said video game footage when set to a humorous parody of Hey There Delilah.  Such is the case with Hey There Cthulhu, a 2 minute long trailer showing off the newly released Cthulhu Saves The World.

You can pick up one of the last games in the Indie Games Winter Uprising now exclusively on the Xbox 360.

[Cthulhu Saves The World]-240 MSP

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