iMainGo 2 Portable Handheld Speaker Case for iPod/iPhone Review [CES Preview]

Patrick Nosker December 27, 2010 0

Sometimes, you just want to be able to listen to your music player louder than you can with the built in speaker.  There are plenty of options out there, but when I saw the iMainGo 2, I did not think I would have found it in a device the size of a camera case with two tiny titanium speakers.


After I first put the 4 AAA batteries in (which was difficult by the way), I then stuffed my iPhone in with the cable connected.  The memory foam system held it in place well.  I then tried to figure out how to turn it on.  It took me a couple of minutes to realize that the switch was inside.  There are three settings: On, Off, and Alarm.  Alarm turns it on itself when it detects sound playing.  I'm not sure why you would ever need the "On" mode.

With it on, the volume is controlled by the player.  I immediately wanted to test the bass, assuming it would fail miserably.  Instead, the iMainGo 2 was significantly louder than my laptop can get.  It really was loud.  People four rooms away could hear it blasting.

You really do get what you pay for here.  The sound quality was very good for something of this size.  The battery life was great (I got 28 hours on normal listening levels).  It looked nice.  It protected my iPhone well.  The only problem was taking the iPhone out to answer, which was a hassle.  That's to be expected though.

You can operate the touch screen through the clear window.  I only wish there was a pass through button to press the lock switch.

Overall, I was very impressed.  If you want a speaker case, get this one.  It did a great job and its punch will really surprise you.


[iMainGo 2] – $39.99

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