Daily Gaming Update: December 17th

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As we head into the holiday respite, the gaming industry has gone out with a wimper in terms of quantity, but not quality. Outside of the normal Rock Band DLC updates, this update also contains some truly epic news for players planning on buying Bulletstorm.


Whereas most Rock Band DLC updates have some sort of theme, this one's seems to be all over the place, featuring songs from John Lennon to Caesars.  Take a gander at the full list.

  • Anaïs – “Peut-Être une Angine”
  • BB Brunes – “Dis-Moi”
  • BAP – “Verdamp Lang Her”
  • Wir sind Helden – “Nur ein Wort”
  • Linea 77 – “Fantasma”
  • Litfiba – “Proibito”
  • Caesars – “Jerk It Out”
  • John & Yoko, The Plastic Ono Band – Happy Xmas (War is Over)

Prices will be the usual: $1.99/200 Wii Points/160 MSP per song.  If you are a pro guitar player, "Jerk It Out" and "Dis-Moi" can be upgraded for .99/80 MSP/100 Wii Points.  The tunes will be downloadable this monday.


Not content to just leave gamers with the Games For The Holidays promotion, Microsoft has announced a whole truck load of deals for this holiday season.  The sale, which run from December 21st through the 31st will feature the following games at their deeply discounted prices.


  • Super Meat Boy Discounted Price: 800 Savings: 33%
  • Comic Jumper Discounted Price: 800 Savings: 33%
  • Toy Soldiers Discounted Price: 800 Savings: 33%
  • Banjo Tooie Discounted Price: 600 Savings: 50%
  • Castle Crashers Discounted Price: 600 Savings: 50%
  • The UnderGarden Discounted Price: 400 Savings: 50%
  • Risk Factions Discounted Price: 400 Savings: 50%
  • Afterburner Climax Discounted Price: 400 Savings: 50%
  • Borderland's Claptrap New Revolution Discounted Price: 400 Savings: 50%
  • Carcassonne Discounted Price: 400 Savings: 50%

There will also be a hefty number of daily deals to be had for games all across the spectrum.  Check out the full list on the Major Nelson blog.

There are a lot of epic parts of Bulletstorm.  It is being developed by Epic Games, will likely feature some pretty epic shooting action, and it also probably has an epic budget.  Now you can add one more thing to that list: it features a special, epic, edition.


This version of the game can be reserved now through pre-order and will give players 25,000 extra online experience points, visual upgrades to some of their equipment, and, most importantly, early access to the Gears of War 3 beta.  The Epic Edition will run you the same price as the normal game, so if you were planning on pre-ordering Bulletstorm it looks to be the way to go.

Bulletstorm will release on February 11th, 2011 for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. While the Epic Edition will be a Microsoft exclusive.


[Bulletstorm]-$59.95 (Xbox 360), $59.95(PS3), $59.95(PC)

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