Hearts of The North Revealed For Guild Wars 2

jmaltz@pnosker.com November 19, 2010 0

With Guild Wars 2 on the horizon, NCSoft and Arenanet have set about bridging the story gap between the upcoming sequel and the original Guild Wars with Guild Wars Beyond, an ongoing franchise campaign.  The latest set of content to be added to this campaign, titled "Hearts of The North" was announced today.

The additional content will include a set of missions, quests, and other in-game content through which players will help Gwen and Keiran Thackery prepare for their wedding, at times playing as Keiran, and then eventually participate in the wedding itself wearing one of five new wedding costumes which can be purchased via microtransaction.  The launch of Hearts of The North will also see a new website to enhance the game's storyline.  However, it should be noted that only players who have finished Guild Wars: Heart of The North and the War in Kyrta will have access to Hearts of The North.

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