Square Enix Releases New DLC For Front Mission Evolved

jmaltz@pnosker.com November 4, 2010 0

Square Enix has announced today that they are bringing four new DLC packs to players of their mech (excuse me, wanzer) action title Front Mission Evolved over the coming weeks.  The best part about the content? Some of it is free.

The first content is available now and will feature two packs: Weapons Pack 1 and Wanzer Pack 2.  The former will give gamers three new weapons: the Dark Hog, a burst fire submachine gun, the Seiger, the highest caliber sniper rifle available to wanzer operators, and the Blackstone shotgun, a weapon designed to target the torso at close range.  The Wanzer pack will bring players updated versions of the Stork and Tatou, two mechs from earlier games in the Front Mission series.  The former will not cost anything while the latter will run you $3.99 or the equivalent number of MSP for the Xbox 360.

A second weapon pack will be coming November 9th and will feature another three weapons: the Rockjack bazooka, the Golidas missile launcher, and another missile launcher titled the Mongoose.  This second weapon pack will be yours to download for $2.99.

Last but not least, another pack of Wanzers will be available for players to download on November 16th.  Much like the other one, this DLC will feature two new mechs.  The first, titled the Wildgoat, is a lightly armored platform made for snipers and long range artillery mechs.  The other wanzer is the ISV-Prototype, a merchant of death that combines the armament of land based mechs with all terrain traversal abilities.  Much like the similar pack, this one will also run you $3.99


[Front Mission Evolved]-$57.99(PS3) $57.99(Xbox 360), and $27.99(PC)

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