Vanquish Demo Comin Atcha August 22, 2010 0

We thought it was awesome when was saw it at E3, and now you have a chance to take a look at Platinum game's upcoming space-shooter Vanquish.


 Speaking with Gamespot Japan, producer Atsushi Inaba stated that the demo will go live September 2nd and will give players a chance to play one of the prologue levels and take on a boss named Argos.  The demo will be a touch different than the one shown at TGS on the 16th, with the latter featuring more gameplay content as well as a special surprise guest.


UPDATE: An official press release was sent out today which states that the demo will actually be live in North America on August 31st, it will go live in Europe on September 1st, and Australia September 2nd


Vanquish, which is now 100% complete, is due out for release in Norther America on October 19th for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360.


[Vanquish]-$59.95(Xbox 360) and $56.99(PS3)


Source: andriasang

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