Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Coming Out Early

jmaltz@pnosker.com July 13, 2010 0

Yes you read that correctly folks, Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days, Square Enix's upcoming title which throws you into a bank heist gone-wrong, has gone gold and will be releasing one week early for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

In discussing the decision to release the game early,  Niels Jørgensen, general manager of IO Interactive stated "[w]ith development now complete, why keep people waiting any longer? We want to let gamers experience the game we’ve created and get them online betraying their friends in Fragile Alliance, so we have decided to bring the release date forward by one week. ”

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days will now be releasing on August 17th in North America, August 20th in Europe and for other PAL consoles, and August 26th in Japan.  If you pre-order the game from GameStop, Amazon, Walmart, or Best Buy, you will also receive a set of exclusive items.  These items include: the Radio-Tower multiplayer map, seven new multiplayer weapons, eight chinese costume masks, a comic and a fragile alliance guide.


[Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days]-$59.99 (Xbox 360 & PS3) and $49.99(PC)

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