iLuv TimeShaker Vibrating Alarm Clock Review

Eric Branning June 10, 2014 0
iLuv TimeShaker Vibrating Alarm Clock Review

The iLuv TimeShaker Vibrating Alarm Clock is a cool new way to wake up in the morning and actually feel pretty good. Forget the traditional music-only alarm clocks or your Sleep Cycle app, because the TimeShaker is a truly innovative way to get yourself up in the morning. We saw this on display at iLuv’s CES 2014 booth, and we’re happy to be reviewing it now for our readers.

The TimeShaker is very unique with its detachable bed shaker, which vibrates as the alarm goes off for that extra nudge to wake up. Some of us who are heavier sleepers really appreciate the strong subtle vibrations from the bed shaker under the pillow. In addition to this unique feature, the TimeShaker does also function as an audio speaker, allowing users to listen to the radio or music from an iPod/iPhone. You can set up to two alarms with music, vibrations, or both. Think about how happy your partner will be that she/he is not awoken by Deadmau5’ “There Might Be Coffee”TimeShaker1

The speaker in the TimeShaker is not bad for the price, but overall this is not its best feature. The bass gets distorted in higher ranges, and the speaker does not fill the entire room with sound. It is reasonable for causal listening, since I didn’t expect too much from a speaker in an alarm clock. Appropriate enough if waking up to music on a Monday, but not to blast on a Sunday Funday.

Plastic covers most of the alarm clock and the buttons are a little flimsy, although the lightening pin connection dock is spot on. It pivots back and forth to keep from damaging itself or your iPhone 5. The TimeShaker’s simple and clean LCD display includes a 10-level dimmer for setting for desired brightness and is easily readable with its large font size. There is a button that allows users to automatically sync the time on the display from their iPhone or iPod. An auxiliary input and a direct USB connection are also located on the back. TimeShaker2

The portfolio of iLuv products is always impressive. The majority of their portfolio is well thought out, and the selection of Apple paired devices is impressive. The Timeshaker is an excellent alternative to that boring radio FM one that you borrowed from your childhood bedroom. The dual alarm setting is very nice for those who would like to get up early and exercise, as well as for those of you who would like to exercise their preference to sleep in. Add in the bed shaker feature and you get innovation from a consumer electronic category that has been around before I was even born. This feature alone is enough for a recommendation, and if the folks at iLuv improved the speaker quality for a future iteration, TimeShaker 2.0 would be an unstoppable product.

iLuv TimeShaker Vibrating Alarm Clock – $91.90

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