iLuv SyrenPro Bluetooth Speaker Review

Eric Branning June 9, 2014 2
iLuv SyrenPro Bluetooth Speaker Review

Back in January 2014 at Consumer Electronics Show, iLuv was generating lots of buzz. Several new products, namely the SyrenPro speaker, made their debut. We reviewed the SyrenPro’s little brother, the Syren, back in December, and now we’re tackling the SyrenPro.

You’ll notice immediately that the SyrenPro has the exact same futuristic design as the Syren. iLuv’s exciting new Bluetooth speaker is a smooth cone shaped cylinder of a system, whose body is largely molded hard plastic. The unit is sold by itself, though it can be paired with another for enhanced playback. The SyrenPro is not as portable as the Cambridge Audio Minx Go, yet the sound quality is clearer and without ting. The four-hour battery is rechargeable and goes nicely with the karaoke party thrown in your shower every morning. It is marketed as an outdoor weather resistant system, so it should stand up to some shower steam.


Standing about 11.5 inches and 8.5 inches wide at its circular base, the SyrenPro is surprisingly light for its size. The speaker weighs in around 3.75 pounds and is designed with a small handle carved into the back. It is a bit awkward to carry, and the molded plastic can be slippery if you have been outside sweating in the sun. I found it was easier and safer to simply pick up with both hands, lest your beautiful music come to an end by taking a dive off the deck.

There are not a ton of bells and whistles to create a wow factor for this speaker. The design is an interesting postmodern look, so it is meant to stand out. The sound is good for its price point and size. Perhaps trivial to some, the voiceover is actually quite annoying. A British woman says “Ready” or “Goodbye,” depending on whether the system is booting up or shutting down. It is jarring and takes a bit away from the enjoyable music experience that I was just having. Other Bluetooth speakers have boops and beeps that seem to flow better.SyrenPro2

The SyrenPro speaker is perfect for a true patio experience. There are plenty of times when you are traveling to Atlantic City or fishing off the pier that a tiny convenient wireless speaker is the most helpful. iLuv brands the SyrenPro as an outdoor speaker, and I agree with that assessment. Sturdy and UV reflective, the SyrenPro comes with an aux jack that can connect directly to your phone in case of limited or no internet. For best results, please apply a cold glass of lemonade, mix with Calvin Harris’ “Summer,” and crank up the volume.

iLuv SyrenPro Bluetooth Speaker – $111.96


  1. engitien June 11, 2014 at 5:03 pm - Reply

    can you do a side by side of blue tooth speakers you have reviewed? which do you think is the best for the 120$ to 200$ range.. thanks

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