Cambridge Audio Minx Go Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Eric Branning April 27, 2014 1
Cambridge Audio Minx Go Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

We at have reviewed a lot of bluetooth speakers over the past year, though most of them have been ultra-portable versions.  However, we know that our readers also want to enjoy their music at home while having friends over for drinks on a cozy Friday evening.  As such, we are pleased to review the Minx Go, a portable yet home audio quality bluetooth speaker from Cambridge Audio.

The Minx Go from Cambridge Audio is sleek and sexy. I mean it is a good looking clean cut speaker. It definitely looks as if it should be more expensive ($149.99). A portable wireless music system perfect for a small space, it compliments a bedroom or bathroom nicely. The speaker comes in black or white with a high glossy scratch resistant lacquer finish. The Minx Go has an all rubber pad at the bottom center that rotates out for stability. To power it up or down, simply hold the top center button or initiate it automatically from a paired smart phone.

The Minx Go looking stylish in my living room.

The Minx Go looking stylish in my living room.

As an entry-level Speaker the Minx Go is solid choice for battery life. Mine lasted about 18 hours before it needed a recharge. The volume can be pretty substantial for a speaker that fits comfortable in a carry-on luggage. There is even a complimentary travel case included. The Minx Go seems a bit fragile for rough trips with an uncovered passive radiator in the back relative to some of the more armored speakers on the market, so do be careful while traveling with the Minx Go.

There is a considerable amount of hardware under all of that slick solid plastic. Sporting a five speaker configuration the sound even filled my larger living room with the sweet melodic rhymes of Outkast. Internal acoustic dampening keeps vibrations and distortions pretty much at bay unless the volume is incredibly high. Playing music from a smart phone or laptop would normally not sound as good at that volume either.

One drawback for the Minx Go is the way the speaker is constructed with a semi-exposed passive bass radiator. On competitors there is a metal mesh guard to protect this delicate part of the speaker. As far as sound quality goes, songs heavy on bass are too overpowering, creating a buzz or ting under the song quality. And when paired with an iPhone 5 before music starts there is some audible static noise. The music is still pretty clear, but it seems that in the compact and portable design this oversight was left in the final product.

View of the Minx Go from the back.  Notice the exposed passive bass radiator.

View of the Minx Go from the back. Notice the exposed passive bass radiator.

Given the large battery capacity, you can feel safe using the external USB port if you need to charge up your smart phone as you rock out to exquisite jams. The price is spot on. Caroline might “need a golden calculator to divide,” but at the beginner Bluetooth level very few drawbacks. This is the first speaker of its kind from Cambridge Audio under $200. Since it is quite light and easy to pick up, charges quickly, and the battery lasts most of the day it is an ideal speaker for hit the ground running trips. Need an emergency trip to Atlantic City? Don’t forget your Minx Go.

Cambridge Audio Minx Go Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – $179.00

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