Dropbox Experiencing Breaks In Service

Michael Convente August 21, 2012 0
Dropbox Experiencing Breaks In Service

Some breaking news from our friends over at TechCrunch.  It appears that the cloud file service Dropbox has been experiencing significant issues the past few hours, particularly extremely slow load times and inaccessible files.

The issue was first brought to the public’s attention in the Dropbox forums, where the co-founder of Dropbox posted a comment detailing the current problems, which he blamed on “heavy load”.  After a few hours, users replied that Dropbox’s fix seemed to be working, but this was only temporary, as users are once again experiencing service interruption.  Dropbox engineers are currently working around the clock to completely fix the issue, but for now it appears that users will remain frustrated as slow service seems set to persist throughout the night.

Hopefully the folks over at Dropbox can address this issue once and for all soon.

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