Robert Bowling And Ouya Team Up

Seung Lee July 26, 2012 0
Robert Bowling And Ouya Team Up

The Android-powered $99 game console that managed to attract attention from the masses, and pass its $950,000 Kickstarter goal, the Ouya, hasn’t had too many games announced for it. That is, until recently, when former Infinity Ward Community Manager Robert Bowling announced that his company, Robotoki, would be creating an exclusive game.

Now, before this announcement, Human Element was the only game that Robotoki was confirmed to be working on. This new game for the Ouya will be a prequel to that. Both Human Element and this new project will be survival games set during a zombie outbreak. The Ouya exclusive won’t be released in one go, however. It’ll be divided into purchasable episodes, much like how many point-and-click adventure games (Sam & Max, Tales of Monkey Island, The Walking Dead) have been.

Robert Bowling

The smile of a professional smooth talker.

Information on both the Ouya and its games is scarce at the moment. That being said, one has to wonder if Bowling will be able to handle being the president of a game company. He wasn’t exactly the most beloved Community Manager out there, but maybe it was because of the people he was working for.

Human Element isn’t scheduled to release until at least 2015. This new Ouya game does not have a release date yet either. For more information on the Ouya, visit its Kickstarter over at For more information on Robotoki’s new games, visit the company’s official site at

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