Tupac Drops New Album about new iPad3

Aaron Holtzman April 1, 2012 0
Tupac Drops New Album about new iPad3

In his latest released album of remastered tracks, “iPodcalypse Now”, he raps about Steve Jobs and how the iPad3 will be an earth-

shattering revelation onto mankind.  With all the new hype going on about the iPad3, is it really any surprise that Tupac foresaw this coming?  Tupac obviously have proven himself time and again to be the Nostradamus of our time.

Sure there have been mistakes made, such as in the song “Changes”, Tupac is quoted saying ” it seems heaven sent, we ain’t ready to see a black President, uhh”…which by this point in time is obvsiouly wrong (in a song that is also covered in this album, Tupac revokes his prior statement).  This time, however, Tupac is spot on.

In the remastered/remixed/alternative album featuring dozens of artists of no particular merit, Tupac goes into great detail raggin’ about the new iPad having four times more pixels than the iPad2.  There is also a great climax of the album when Tupac calls Steve Jobs out.  They plan to debut an epic rap battle that will be released later on in the upcoming year.

Lead correspondents from the House of Lords in London proclaim these new songs to be “bloody awful, and this is why those American Colonies cannot have nice things”.

To catch a taste of what the new hits sound like, listen out for any white suburban young male to pass you in the car their father bought for them obnoxiously blasting this new gansta rap.  If you find it to your liking, you can always try to download from the Apple store, but good luck because they seem to be sold out of songs!

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