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Aaron Holtzman March 4, 2012 2
Brogramming – Cool Story Bro

“What’s going on Bro Chi Minh?  Not too much Theodore Brosevelt.  How bout yourself Brosiedon, lord of the brocean?”  Typically this would be a conversation that would be confined to the collegiate houses and rooms of fraternity men, but there is now an increasing number of “bros” merging with nerd-like career (in this case programming) and giving birth to the identity of brogrammer.

What is a brogrammer you ask?  It is a unique creature that enjoys coding as a way to make money to fuel their natty ice, redbull, push-up, and overall raging lifestyle.  Think of the movie “Revenge of the Nerds” but at the very end when all of the “nerds” end up being the awesome cool “bros” that get the ladies and throw epic parties.  Who says you need a pocket protector to work with computers?

With the new tech boom, a lot of the new programmers are coming from diverse backgrounds…and the typical software engineer is no longer so stereotypical.  Recruiters are desperate for engineering talent, and they have been pampering and waiting on hands and feet for these programmers…inviting prospective employees to lavish parties in Malibu and whatnot.

This rise of a brogramming stereotype unfortunately has taken a toll on prospective female programmers.  Women made up 21 percent of programmers in 2010, which is down from 24 percent in 2000 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).  With this new perception of programming as a male dominate area of work, it will turn a lot of women away from pursuing a career in the field.

For larger tech companies, such as Google, the environment is obviously more professional and the concept of a “Brogrammer” does not really hold any sway.  However, in many small start-up companies, it may not be too unlikely to find a game of battle shots or beer pong going on at a table packed full of computer equipment.

Overall, this phenomenon gives those bros out there with strong computer skills a chance to prosper in what was once considered a taboo career for those who enjoyed popped collars and sideways caps.

Read more in Businessweek’s “The Rise of the ‘Brogrammer’


  1. Bryan Rowe March 4, 2012 at 4:54 pm - Reply

    Cool Story Bro

    I mean after the Social Network came out everybody assumes that startup internet companies are a group of pot smoking nerds who snort crack and getting plastered all the time. I see no problem with this, When I go to college becoming a brogrammer seems like a sweet life.

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