Argentina – NO iPhone for you!

Aaron Holtzman February 19, 2012 0
Argentina – NO iPhone for you!

Currently, if you are an Argentinian, it may be nigh impossible for you to acquire the iPhone.  Argentina’s import policies are relatively strict and require foreign companies to produce their produces on the South American nation’s soil.  This policy forces Apple to have to open a factory in Argentina, which is very unlikely to happen.  This is not the first product to be barred from Argentina, the country has also banned French cheeses, BMWs, and Barbie Dolls…in the interest of preserving the jobs of its citizens.  

Argentina is a hot market for iPhones, considering it has one of the highest rates of mobile phone ownership in the world.  In 2010, Argentina has approximately 142 mobile phones for every 100 residents, compare that with Brazil’s 104, Japans’ 95, and America’s 90.  Apple has one the strongest and well run distribution chains in the world and the market in Argentina, although still large, is not enough to make Apple have to adapt.  So what are Argentina’s citizens to do?

An emerging black market is continuing to grow, and a lot of travelers tend to pick up at least one while out of the country…Miami being a hot spot.

Hopefully Argentina will eventually realize the cons outweigh the pros of not having iPhones…until then they still have android smart phones available to keep them content.

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