Kindle Fire Performance Update Fixes Initial Problems, How to Install

Michael Foley December 21, 2011 0
Kindle Fire Performance Update Fixes Initial Problems, How to Install

Amazon updated its Kindle Fire tablet last night to software version 6.2.1 in an effort to fix the problems many have been complaining about since its debut in mid-November. Along with several performance update, the Kindle Fire will also boast a few new features.

Early reports are coming in and the update seems to have had a noticeable effect on the user experience. First and foremost, many had complained that the device was not very responsive. This issue seems to be fixed. The carousel on the home screen seems to be much more fluid and users no longer need to tap on the apps they want to launch a couple times; a single tap is all that is required now.

Another major problem was the lack of password protection. But with this update, there is now a “Restrictions” item on the settings section of the Kindle Fire. Tapping that allows the user to set a password that needs to be entered in order to turn on the Wi-Fi and this reach the internet. It also provides an extra layer of privacy as users can now choose which items they want displayed on the carousel.

The update will be delivered to Kindle Fire devices automatically but since the initial updates are sporadic, there is the option to install it manual. Here are instructions on manually installing the update to your Kindle Fire.

Even though the Kindle Fire has had many complaints about its user experience, it doesn’t seem to have slowed down the sales of the device one bit. In fact, Amazon has claimed that since its introduction to the market, Kindle Fires have been (excuse the bad joke) on Fire, selling at an incredible 1 million devices a week. This newest software update, if it really can address some of the core concerns about the tablet, will go a long way to making the Kindle Fire a true no-brainer for someone looking to buy an affordable tablet.

Have you downloaded the update yet? Let us know your experience in the comments sections below.


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