Sony to enter Internet TV services

Matt Evangelist November 16, 2011 0
Sony to enter Internet TV services

Earlier Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal revealed that electronics giant Sony is developing an Internet-based television service capable of competing with Comcast and DirecTV.

The service would work by streaming television channels over the Internet to electronic devices, or rather to Sony devices to be precise. Don’t think this service would be limited to just Sony’s line of HDTVs; any Sony product with Internet capabilities would be able to take advantage of this service. That’s right, PlayStation 3s and Blu-ray players can now act as a sort of “cable box” for your TV.

If this sounds familiar, it should. Apple was reportedly working on their own subscription-based TV service that makes use of the Internet as well.

No release date has yet been set for this service, but it’s likely to draw more and more attention as more information is released.

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