GizmoRip, the quick easy way to transfer content from your iPhone to your PC Review

Michael Foley October 17, 2011 0
GizmoRip, the quick easy way to transfer content from your iPhone to your PC Review
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My PC recently crashed on me. I was working on it like normal and all of a sudden it decided to just stop working. Now, I had mixed feelings about this problem because I was glad at the opportunity to upgrade to a better computer but I had not backed up any of my media that I kept in iTunes to an external source. Not thinking too much about it, I assumed Apple would have made an easy way for you to get over this particular problem.

So I bought myself a new computer, a Dell XPS 15z (look for a review in the next 2 weeks) and went to work on transferring what was on my iPhone to my new “baby.” But much to my chagrin, I found out that that Apple has not given you any way to solve this issue. So much for user experience. Frustrated, I made my way to Google to find out if others had experienced the same dilemma. And unsurprisingly, they had. So after looking up reviews for many different programs that could cost as much as $30 to use, I came across GizmoRip.

GizmoRip is a simple program that allows one to back up and transfer content from your iPhone/iPod/etc. directly to your computer. But when I say simple, I mean SIMPLE. The User interface within the program is as straightforward as you can get. It gives you the option to select your device’s music, movies, photos, etc. and index them into your computer. It’s not the prettiest program you ever saw, as many frame lags show off a very rough visual display. But say what you will about its esthetics, it gets the job done quickly and with no hassle. The icing on the cake is that it is 100% free, not just to download, but to use as well. Hard to complain when the software is straightforward to use, does what it advertises and costs nothing. When exiting, you are asked if it made your day, and if it has to please donate $2. So pleased at the solution, I quite willingly donated $2 to the GizmoRip team.

Moral of the story: back up your content! But if ever your computer breaks down or you lose your external hard drive and need a way to sync the music on your iPhone to a new computer, consider GizmoRip. You won’t be disappointed. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go back to Party Rockin’.

Final Verdict

PROS: User Interface is simple to use. Effective in backing up content from iPhone to PC.

CONS: Visual presentation is spotty and doesn’t look good.

MSRP: $0, with an optional donation of $2.00


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