Psst! Apple to discontinue iPod classic and iPod Nano

Michael Foley September 28, 2011 2
Psst! Apple to discontinue iPod classic and iPod Nano

As Apple’s iPhone event comes closer and closer, there have been many speculations as to what the tech giant will unleash. But just as important to note is what Apple might discontinue.

Rumor has it that the iPod classic and iPod Nano are up on the chopping block as Q4 sales only accounted for 8% of Apple’s revenue stream. But even without this statistic, the prospect of losing the iPod is not shocking. Ever since Apple introduced the iPhone and iPod Touch, the iPod just hasn’t been able to contend.

The once must –have “it” item has had its day. The introduction of the iPod 10 years ago marked a fundamental change in the way we interact with our gadgets- we now harbor real feelings toward them (“I love my iPhone!”) This is something Apple, more than any other company, has been able to capitalize on time and again.

It is bitter sweet that for the classic iPod, the curtain is near to a close. But consider its legacy: The original iPod was able to connect its owners to media more efficiently and effortlessly than any other product before. It iconicized the white headphones and paved the way for Apple to release its other incredible products. There will always be a special place in our hearts for the old rectangle and I look forward to reminiscing about my first iPod years down the line.




  1. Derp October 20, 2011 at 8:41 pm - Reply

    1. It’s called an IPOD TOUCH.

    2. iPod Nano getting upgrade=not being discontinued

    3. If iPod Touch stays around, as it will, then iPod doesn’t die. Whoops.

    iPods will be around in some form and the factual inaccuracies here make me want to throw up

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