Hacker Group Anonymous Shuts Down BART Stations

Patrick Nosker August 16, 2011 0

You've all heard of Anonymous before– the hacker group responsible for leaking tons of personal information, passwords, and defacing websites online. They organized a rally and hacked the San Francisco based Bay Area Rapid Transit system (BART) today and caused even more havoc. After the rally, they defaced the BART website and leaked personal information of over two thousand users of the BART online system. BART warned its users of the data breach.

As Anonymous' supporters gathered around BART stations, police announced the stations closings for safety reasons. The protesters rallied to show their disapproval of BART turning its cell relay system off blocking cellular signals in its system in the attempt to inhibit another group of protestors. The other group intended on rallying to show support for those "brutalized" by the BART police including two recently shot. 

Hacked members of the BART online database were furious that Anonymous would take out their frustrations on innocent customers. Rallying to fight the cellular cutoff is one thing, but posting personal information is another.

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