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Matthew Torino July 6, 2011 0

Well it's been fun everybody. This is my last article for unfortunately. I know many of you out there (Bob) didn't exactly enjoy my articles and I probably should've put more work into them instead of rushing them out to meet the news cycle but it is what it is now. Barring some kind of offer somewhere, this is probably it for me writing. I have the option of returning to in six months but will be in law school then so I unfortunately won't have the time. 

You'll get to read more writers now with different styles as the front page won't be loaded with my articles. The roster for the staff keeps growing and hopefully the site will too. I want to thank Pat Nosker for giving me this opportunity even if I was very demanding on this and I'm sorry for that. I want to thank the other writers for not firing back at me when I challenged them even if I did deserve it. I want to thank all the companies and great PR reps I came into contact with who helped this grow and receive many products that we couldn't dream of receiving just a few months ago. I want to thank everyone who clicked on that Glenn Beck article and all the mystery people who kept reading that Pokemon article last summer. I want to thank Jessica Lukacs for everything she's helped me with in regards to the site. Thanks to Lucka for making me review stuff when I got lazy. 

I hope this site can keep its momentum going forward. All I can say to all the writers here is to keep writing. Quality and quantity aren't mutually exclusive even if I made it seem like that. Just keep writing. I didn't know anyone would read that Glenn Beck thing. It just happened unexpectedly. The more quality articles you write, the higher the likelihood that people will click on one of them and come to the site. 

Thanks to everyone I missed for everything. 

If anybody wants to reach me for any reason, you can reach me on Twitter @mtorino75 and by email at Thanks again. 

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