OCTOVO Amazon Kindle 3 Wool Sleeve Review

Matthew Torino July 4, 2011 0

Sometimes full blown Amazon Kindle 3 covers can just be too expensive for many users. Some of them can cost more than half of an Amazon Kindle and that's just too pricey sometimes. But fear not! There's a cheaper option. Introducing the OCTOVO Wool Sleeve for Amazon Kindle 3! Our full review's coming up after the jump!

If you're expecting the same quality you'll get out of a full blown cover for the price of $24.99 then you're sadly mistaken. That's not what you're getting here. There's no fancy designs and no thick leather. It's just made out of wool in case the name or headline didn't give it away. There's no extraordinarily thick layer of material completely shielding your Kindle from every possible element out there. Just a layer of wool. 

While it's stronger than a wool sweater you'll find in Macy's, it's still not the same quality as a leather cover. These aren't Oberon sleeves either. Those are made out of the same material as their full covers. These aren't. They're just made out of wool. Nothing else.

That said, there's still a lot going for these. First off is the price. $24.99 is a lot cheaper than pretty much any high quality case. That's just the way it is. I'm sure you can find cheaper ones on eBay but we're just talking about normal, market price here. If you want to buy these legitimately, these are some of the cheapest ones you can buy.

While they may not have any artsy qualities, the single color still looks pretty nice. The wool probably is harder to manipulate in that fashion than leather but it's still really soft in this condition and because of its thickness it still provides a layer of comfort. While a Kindle can be rather uncomfortable to carry around in your hand, the leather provides a much nicer feel. There aren't any grips or anything but it at least feels nice and that's a plus. 

And that thick wool will also provide a nice layer of protection that'll protect the screen, by far the most important part of the Kindle. While you still won't be able to put any kind of substantial weight on top, the extremely fragile screen will at least be helped. It's not going to stop anything really bad from happening but the body will be protected and the screen will likely be unharmed if you drop the Kindle. That's much more than having nothing on the Kindle will do. 

All in all these sleeves do a lot of little things well. They don't provide a great amount of protection or style or portability but when you combine all those little things, you get a sleeve that's greater than the sum of its parts. 

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