M-Edge MyEdge Amazon Kindle 2 Cover Review

Matthew Torino July 3, 2011 0

M-Edge recently released a program on their site, MyEdge, that enables users to use non-copyrighted images and designs to construct their own Kindle, iPad or NOOK covers. It's really the biggest innovation in cases and covers that we've seen for a while. Here's our review of their program. 

It's a very simple program to use. Even my mom figured it out and she's anything but tech savvy. All you have to do is import pictures that aren't owned by anybody else (my Catcher in the Rye design was understandably denied for this very reason) and place them on the digital cover. Whether they're personal or generic pictures or just stock patterns that are on the M-Edge site, you just drag and drop them onto the picture of the cover. 

After you put in all of your pictures, there's a preview button that will show you how your cover will look once you receive it. It's remarkably accurate. It looks just like the real thing. Your actual pictures are printed on a generic cover. You're not getting a specialized one like the New Yorkers or Guardian. It's just the normal one but since you can design it any way you can, it will be your favorite cover. I guarantee it. 

The only problem is that it's hard to enlarge your pictures in the exact fashion you desire since when you expand one side, the whole thing gets bigger. This way it won't get distorted but it really can get frustrating since you have to drag the picture all the way to the solid outer edge to make sure no white blank spaces get printed on your cover. There's an inner dotted line that will most likely be the outer edge of the cover (at least that's what's in the preview picture), but since you have to expand the images in such a strange way, it can be a little hard. It makes customization a little hard since it seems like only pictures with certain dimensions will work easily in the program. 

But eventually, even though my mom didn't hit it perfectly, we got the pictures in she desired. She chose one of my father and our two beagles on the back cover and a generic one of a purple butterfly on the other. The butterfly was a little pixilated when we placed it due to the enlarging problems but once we received the device (which ships very quickly for a custom product) it was spot on. Perfect. 

It looked just like the one designed…except better. It's exactly what we wanted. 

MyEdge is a great program and a fantastic innovation in covers for these kinds of devices. It was a little hard to get the Kindle in but now it isn't going to fall out. M-Edge has provided great protection in the past and does it again here. 

If you want a cover, MyEdge is the way to go. Customization and quality. 

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