M-Edge Apple iPad 2 Incline Jacket Review

Matthew Torino July 3, 2011 0

Apple iPad jackets are becoming a very important industry as Tablets are taking off even more so this year and the iPad owns the market. They're also functioning as eReaders which naturally leads into companies like M-Edge getting in on the action. And here's their latest effort: The M-Edge iPad 2 Incline Jacket. Full review after the jump. 

One of the iPad's many many important features is its ability to watch movies and TV shows over applications such as Slingbox and Netflix. And to do that you generally don't want to have to hold the thing upright or position it balanced against something else. That's only asking for trouble. So case and cover makers have reacted to this problem and answered the call: inclines. 

This jacket allows you to fold the jacket from a protective case that resembles a book like most of M-Edge's offerings into a triangular prism. One side rests against the table or whatever surface you're using while one of the other sides has the iPad 2 leaning against it. Then you can just lean back and watch your movies or shows or let the iPad blast music with the user in a more palatable position to change what's on the screen. You'll actually be able to see the screen without holding it. 

This isn't that different from most other iPad 2 jackets except in that sense. It still provides the stylishness of M-Edge products while offering protection as well. I've never had any sort of issue with protection when it comes to M-Edge products and haven't with this one either. You won't have any problems with the screen. It will stay in perfect condition. It can't have as many pockets as some other jackets just because of its folding nature but that's not what you're getting this jacket for. It's purely for the incline. It's right in the name. 

M-Edge once again provides a jacket that provides a stylish exterior as well as protection and an excellent feature so you can maximize your iPad's entertainment potential. This is a great jacket and I highly recommend it. 

[M-Edge Incline Jacket for iPad 2] – $48.50

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