Mashable’s Social Media Day Kicks Off Across The World

Michael Convente June 30, 2011 0

Mashable's Social Media Day kicks off today as millions of people from across the world will Tweet, FourSquare, Facebook, and Flickr their daily lives for all to see.  And if you take the "social" half of social media serious enough, there are over 600 TweetUp spots across the globe where you can actually meet and interact with live people (like the cool peeps over at Livio Radio, if you happen to be in Detroit tomorrow)!

The massive growth of social media has helped Mashable become a leader in the field of social and digital media, starting as a small company five years ago and developing into an Internet revolution.  To celebrate and acknowledge the impact social media has had on all aspects of our lives – from building friendships to conducting business, from electing political leaders to protesting evil dictators – Mashable developed the idea of Social Media Day, and it has taken the world by storm.

There will be numerous ways to participate in Social Media Day, even if you are unable to attend an actual meet up.  First, Twitter users can add the hashtag #smday to their tweets.  The #smday tag can also be used to tag photos uploaded to Flickr.  Twitter users should also follow the offical Social Media Day account @mashSMday.  Facebook users can go to the Social Media Day website and leave a comment advertising their meet up or just to say hi.  Users who want to watch the day's festivities live can do so by visiting the Mashable Social Media Day Live Streams.

And finally, if you are brave enough to head out of the house and meet some fellow social media virtuosos, you can attend one of the over 600 Mashable Meetups that will be happening all across the globe.  As expected, New York City and San Francisco are the two top spots in terms of "check ins", but there are cities throughout the world that nab top 10 spots as well, including Toronto and Buenos Aires.

Pete Cashmore, Mashable's CEO, has stated that this inaugural Social Media Day "is just the beginning", as he encourages all those who attend meet ups today to continue to organize regular meet ups.

So readers, will you be participating in any Social Media Day events, either online or in person?  Let us know in the comments.

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