Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review (Xbox 360/PS3)

Matthew Torino June 26, 2011 0

Well it's that time of year again and Michael Bay is putting out yet another Transformers movie, this time sans Megan Fox. There's still too much LeBeouf but I digress. And usually at the same time of year, a video game comes out along with these aforementioned movies and here we are once again. And here's our review of Transformers: Dark of the Moon for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3!

This being a movie game, I didn't exactly go in with high hopes but the game is surprisingly playable. This game is no great shakes but it's probably one of the best movies games that I've played in a while. Color me surprised. 

There's no groundbreaking gameplay here; just Transformers blowing stuff up. You go through your favorites like Optimus Prime and Soundwave, who isn't a tape deck anymore but an SUV, and blow up the nameless enemy. You go through many different environments like jungles and labs and bases. All the standard fare you'd expect in a Transformers game. 

Again, there's nothing groundbreaking here. You have special powers that have to recharge after a couple times using them and you get a standard gun. Nothing great. There are a lot more Transformers than you'd think, whether this has to do with the movie's plot or whatever I don't know though the trailer did look pretty epic. I gotta be honest. That's just because it made Optimus out to be evil which apparently was just a Michael Bay bait and switch. 

But the real attraction of this game was the create your own Transformer aspect of multiplayer. Unfortunately you only get to edit a couple of secondary weapons and stuff like that. Fun. You don't get to change the make of your car or anything like that. I wanted to one up Soundwave and be an 8 Track player but unfortunately it wasn't to be. It left a lot to be desired but again, it was more than you usually get out of movie games. 

The graphics are pretty good for a movie game but aren't fantastic or anything. The Decepticons just look like gray blobs to seem evil I guess but eh they're not disgusting. They should be shinier like in the movies but whatever the fact that they put any effort into this game at all surprised me. They mail in the movies so I figured they did it here too. 

All in all, the game's pretty playable and leaves a lot to be desired. A Transformers game should be awesome but it's not. But it's still a movie game and exceeded expectations so I was pleased. I think. 

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