Conduit 2 Review (Nintendo Wii)

Matthew Torino June 11, 2011 0

More than a month after release, we finally have a copy of Conduit 2 for the Nintendo Wii to review. It's been out for a while so we've had ample time to hold it in review. See if it was worth the wait after the jump!

There really isn't much to say about Conduit 2 that can't be said about every other Nintendo Wii shooter that's ever been released. Save the Metroid games, pretty much every one's been plagued by poor controls, the Wii-mote's ultra sensitivity and a system that just isn't built to handle a hardcore shooter, which is what Conduit 2 would try to be on another system. 

The Wii-mote just isn't built to handle shooting. You can't just react because the cursor is going to go flying off the screen and unfortunately that's a big part of the first person shooter genre. That's just the way it is. Also, because it's so hard to aim, it seems the developers consistently overdo just how easily you can kill the enemy. One shot, which seems to be a one in a million shot, will kill them if placed even close. It's far from satisfying as you feel almost like you got away with something. 

These are the problems that plague Conduit 2. I'm not going to wax on about the graphics which are subpar because this is the Wii and at this point if you're interested in graphics, wait for the Wii U. They aren't coming to this generation and when you play this game on an HDTV, things look even worse though it's not nearly as bad as NASCAR was for the Wii. That game was an abomination. 

All in all, Conduit 2 isn't a bad game or a great game. It has a lot of potential but ultimately, just like most first person shooters, is held back by the Nintendo Wii's controls and hardware and there's nothing Sega could have done about that and it's just unfortunate. The Wii wasn't built for first person shooters. 

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