ColcaSac Uintah Apple iPad 2 Sleeve Review

Matthew Torino June 8, 2011 0

As you can probably tell, we're deep in the throes of E3 2011 and the WWDC with all of its Apple news, but we've still got time for the occassional divergence and we have just that with our latest Apple iPad 2 sleeve review coming right after the jump courtesy of ColcaSac!


This is a review of the ColcaSac Uintah Apple iPad 2 sleeve made specifically for use with an iPad 2. You can also get one for the first generation iPad or for the iPad 2 protected by a Smart Cover. This is the pure version and while protection isn't its forte, you really can't get a more stylish or environmentally friendly sleeve out there. 

As we've seen before, iPad sleeves and covers are occassionally made of hemp and this is like those except just better. It feels better and is more flexible than similar covers. It's pleasant to the touch and is the softest hemp I've ever personally felt. It's a very high quality material and the inside is no different. 

The inside is even softer than the outside. It's a thick wool like material that will protect your iPad by providing protection and a cushion in case you drop your device. Many leather covers have to provide some kind of screen protector or other extra device to protect, but the wool provides this while seemingly pouring out the top providing something pleasant to look at. Granted the undyed hemp isn't the most beautiful but the wool provides a nice visual complement. 

There's also a small pocket on the outside for anything extra such as accessories you'll need to carry. It's very handy for the iPad's charging cables. 

The case is sealed with velcro which is fine but honestly looks a little tacky compared to the natural feel of the rest of it. Maybe they should've used a tie of some sort like Oberon does but it's functionality is improved with this measure so it's not all bad. And you can't see it when the device is closed so it's not a big problem. A tie would've been a visual improvement but it's not a big deal. 

As per protection, it's going to provide basic protection of protection against dents and scratches as most other cases do but don't mistake this for Otterbox. It's not perect as the velcro could seemingly eventually come undone causing a disaster but that would take a while and it's just speculation honestly. Velcro just isn't the most long lasting adhesive. 

There's a little bit of risk in terms of protection in that sense but if you're getting this case, it's primarily for the visual aspect and there isn't another case out there aside from maybe Oberon Design that can provide that type of appeal. It's not the best case out there but does everything very well and is certainly one of my favorite iPad 2 cases. And for $40, you can't go wrong. 

[Uintah iPad Sleeve-ColcaSac]-$40.00

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