Nintendo Wins E3 2011 with Wii 2/Project Cafe Info; GTA V to Wii 2

Matthew Torino June 6, 2011 0

{jcomments on}I’m already declaring it: barring a miraculous and unexpected announcement by Microsoft or Sony regarding next generation systems, Nintendo has already won E3 2011. It’s not even a contest anymore. With leaked information regarding specs, controllers and games, it’s looking like Nintendo is easily going to win the week in Los Angeles. 

First, the most concrete info we have is on the specs. Wii 2 or Project Café or whatever it’s being called will operate on an IBM triple-core CPU, with 3.6GHz per core, an AMD R700 graphics chipset and 1-1.5GB of RAM. The games apparently look “stunning” according to one website and while they probably won’t blow anyone away compared to what the Xbox 720 and PS4 are going to do, it’s probably going to be a marked improvement over the Wii. Games will also support 1080p for what that’s worth.

An anonymous forum user who seems to have pretty legitimate information that’s being passed around is claiming that the system will be called the Current and will have numerous new games including a new Donkey Kong Country, Trauma Center Current Crisis, Pikmin, Skyward Sword, but no Zelda outside of an anniversary collection. There’s also talk GTA V will come to this console. That’s right, for the first time, Nintendo will receive a GTA title.

All that we have on the controllers is that there will be a touch screen on them that was originally devised for Gamecube and it will also function more as a normal controller with face buttons and triggers but that’s all we have right now.

Stay tuned to for more E3 2011 news!

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