Sony PSN Welcome Back A Joke

Matthew Torino June 5, 2011 0

The PSN Welcome Back package given out by Sony and PlayStation 3 is a complete joke. I realize they didn’t have to give anybody anything but the only thing that matters ultimately is increasing security. I’m glad they made me change my password, but still, there should be more than that. This Welcome Back package is a joke. 

 I know they’re not going to advertise all their new security measures as they’ve already made it easy enough for all of these people to hack them but when my brother and I are making jokes about our accounts getting hacked again as soon as we log in, there’s a problem.

Sure giving out free games is nice but these aren’t exactly games anybody was beating down doors for. Most of them were not exactly in demand like Wipeout while Infamous came out a while ago and I could probably get it in on Amazon for under $10.

A free month of PS Plus is nice I guess if you’re into scams. In order to keep using any benefits you’d get, you have to stay signed up and honestly they’d have to pay me to do that. When the biggest benefit of that service is that we can download a pretty old Oddworld game, there’s a pretty sizeable problem.

There aren’t any benefits here that are going to appease anybody. All we wanted were more security measures and I realize they can’t tell us what they’ve done but it better have been a lot. This stuff is all useless and just makes all of us realize even more how out of touch Sony and PlayStation are.

Bring on the Xbox 720. 

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