Dr. Death Jack Kevorkian Dead at 83; Media and Internet Hypocritical

Matthew Torino June 3, 2011 0

“Dr. Death” Jack Kevorkian has died at the age of 83 and the Internet is quite confused about it. People are notorious for celebrating anybody once they die. Just look at Michael Jackson’s death. He was ridiculed while alive for his alleged child molestation but once he died he was a hero and got video games depicting his image released. Kevorkian isn’t being looked at that way though. 


His moniker “Dr. Death” is being put into all of his obituaries throughout the Internet since that’s pretty much all that he’s known for. That’s understandable; assisted suicide was the reason he was put away and the reason anyone knew who exactly this guy was. There are remembrances about his individual assisted suicide victims’ families and the like. But there are also people coming out saying what a great man he was.

Maybe those people just never gained any media traction during his lifetime since nobody wanted to hear about what a great guy the killer was. Maybe they’re just getting that now to not make the guy seem like a complete monster.

CBS News is praising Kevorkian for never being shy and his lawyer will personally miss him. You would have never heard that ever. There are also people coming out on places like Twitter in support of his endeavors who would’ve been crucified yesterday.

The Internet and media are just being hypocritical as usual. If people like Dr. Death weren’t celebrated while alive, they shouldn’t be while dead. 

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