Logitech Wireless Headset F540 Review

Matthew Torino May 26, 2011 0

After visiting with companies like Turtle Beach at CES 2011, we at pnosker.com were very excited to review some of the latest gaming headsets. And we have just that coming up in our review of the Logitech Wireless F540 Headset for Xbox 360 and PS3 coming after the jump!


Most of the headsets I’ve played with for these systems and stereos have been the stock brand that usually comes with the device. They’re lacking in audio quality and will usually fall apart at the first sign of duress. Not exactly what you want out of your gaming headset.

Logitech’s F540 model does away with those stock stereotypes and takes those ideas and sends them into the stratosphere. With its 2.4-GHz digital wireless connectivity, you can move around these headphones obviously as the base station that comes included is the only part of the device that needs to be up close to the system. The headset and base station sync automatically as well which takes away any headaches that are often seen with syncing controllers with systems. Logitech has cut out the middle man and made it so their products only have to sync with their products which is a fantastic idea.

The audio quality is also fantastic and greatly improves what you hear out of standard HDTVs. You’ll hear sounds in in game audio that you’ve never heard before. Even just listening to music with this headset makes it so much more invigorating and involving. Sounds that didn’t exist before takes music and game audio to a whole new level. It’s almost impossible to go back to listening to standard TV speakers after you’ve used this headset.

When you use the headset for voice chat, you also can clearly hear yourself talking. There’s no delayed feedback as you hear with standard 360/PS3 headsets which is a great improvement in my book. The microphone also acts as a noise canceller so when you talk into it you can’t hear anything on the outside, keeping you involved in the gaming experience. The over the ear part of the headset also is noise canceling even with no audio on. It isn’t perfect but when the in game audio starts blasting, you really can’t hear anything else nor would you want to. By the way, you can also mute the microphone with a simple push of a button.

In conclusion, this is the best gaming headset I’ve ever used. Barring something from Turtle Beach really blowing me away in the future, I don’t know if anything can top these. They are fantastic in every way. I was just blown away. 

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