Lakers’ Mike Brown Hiring Dumb According to Internet

Matthew Torino May 25, 2011 0

So, by now you probably know that Mike Brown, disgraced former Cleveland Cavaliers coach, has agreed in principle to become the new coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. So what’s the Internet’s reaction to the news? Find out after the jump!

Considering everyone who ever watched Mike Brown’s Cavs teams knows he’s an inept offensive coach at best, it’s not surprising that people are calling this a terrible move. It should be fun to see how he runs a point guardless team’s offense. Judging by those Cleveland teams, people think that he’s gonna run the patented 1 vs. 5 offense he “perfected” with LeBron.

It’s probably not a good sign that Dan Gilbert fired him as a good faith move to LeBron James to stay even if he elected to take his talents to South Beach ultimately. Kobe Bryant, who has a FAR bigger ego and meant streak than James, will tear this guy up and it wouldn’t surprise me if he got fired with in the year.

They certainly have more pieces than those Cleveland teams but nobody as good as James. He’ll probably try to run the same inept offense except with a PG worse than Mo Williams.

I’ve only seen a handful of Laker fans who support this move and they’re probably out of the loop. Sure he’s a great defensive coach but as we’ve seen with Chicago and their inability to score, that isn’t going to win Championships and the Lakers faithful across the Internet realize this and are going crazy over the move that’s finally going to put the final nail in the coffin of their dynasty.

And soon the Clippers, or Blakers, will probably become the best team in LA. That is if Sterling croaks or they come to their senses and fire Vinny Del Negro. Chew on that Laker fans. 

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