Tuff-Luv Tri-Axis Leather Case and Stand for Amazon Kindle 3 Review

Matthew Torino May 24, 2011 0

Tuff-Luv has given us another Amazon Kindle 3 (latest generation) cover to review after previously giving our opinion on their Natural Hemp cover. This time we’ve got their Tri-Axis Leather Case Cover and this one isn’t as unique as the hemp cover, but it still has its own positives though it isn’t perfect.


This one isn’t made up of any kind of unique material like the Natural Hemp cover. It’s just made of leather like most other high end Kindle covers such as Amazon’s. It’s black and nothing special appearance wise. The stand on the back is the only difference in appearance except the Velcro snaps in the front. Otherwise there are some interesting patterns that are there for functional, not artistic reasons.

The stand is really what sets this case apart. You can use the Velcro snaps on the front to secure the case to stand upright while open so you can read your Kindle while it’s standing up by itself. There are three different settings ranging from nearly a ninety degree angle to slope where you can lay over the case to read.

It opens so the case goes into the stand position instead of like a book as most other Kindle cases do. The up and down opening style doesn’t make the Kindle easier to read but you can secure the opened part to the back of the part securing the Kindle so there is less actual physical case in your way. It’s not really any better this way, just different.

The Kindle isn’t secured by the corners as most other covers do. You fit the device into a leather cover that has openings for the screen and buttons. This acts as a shield against fingerprints and scratches, providing an extra layer of protection for your e-reader that most other covers cannot boast.

Of course there’s also the Tuff-Luv trademark metal mesh on the upper back corners of the device so it gives it that signature look you’re expecting from the company.

While the case isn’t the most beautiful, the leather is sleek and the stand provides a new and exciting feature that will probably make its way to other e-reader covers. It wouldn’t be surprising if Amazon copied this in its next generation covers. The extra protection is also a plus that others would be wise to copy. After all, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. 

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