Osama bin Laden Death Photo Withheld Due to Photoshopping

Matthew Torino May 14, 2011 0

Guess what Internet? Because of your potential Photoshopping, we’re not going to get to see the death pictures of Osama bin Laden. The Obama administration was apparently afraid that sites like 4chan would change these pictures and offend Middle Eastern countries and radicals, inciting violence against our country. 

image courtesy of Uproxx


As a disclaimer, yes there are probably waaaaaaaaaaay more important reasons. Keep reading though. 

While there’s no tangible information to support this idea, the situation room picture depicting Obama, Hilldog, Biden and many others watching the operation has already been chemically altered. There are pictures with Ronald McDonald, super heroes and whatever else you can think of.

There have also been mock death pictures of Osama bin Laden with a hole where his eye would be so yeah it’s probably a good guess that that’s what would’ve happened. Thanks Internet. Stay classy. (Never change). 

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