Sony: PSN Not Back up by May 31st

Matthew Torino May 10, 2011 0

Sony has officially denied a report from Bloomberg quoting Sony spokesman Shigenori Yoshia who stated that the plan is to have the PSN back up and running for the PS3 and PSP by May 31st at the latest. It looks like that’s not happening. Sony drops the ball once again after getting everyone’s hopes up.

It’s been three weeks since the initial attacks on the PSN servers that took down the whole system. People’s credit card information may have been stolen but that was one of the goals of the attacks. Sony didn’t have nearly the requisite number of safeguards in to protect this information such as, you know, not saving credit card information just as Nintendo does.

Sony spokesman Patrick Seybold said that there was no such deadline in place and it’s unknown when the PSN will finally be back online. People haven’t been able to buy downloadable content or demos, download roster updates, play against their friends or know if their credit cards or accounts are safe.

There’s no word of any kind of plan being in place. Let’s just hope Sony doesn’t drop the ball once again and can get this thing back up and running as its credibility continues to nosedive.

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