News: Tornado in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa Alabama Captured By Technology

Matthew Torino April 28, 2011 0

After tornadoes struck Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Alabama yesterday, there was a tremendous amount of destruction as you would normally expect from twisters. But thanks to technology, people closer than we would ever wish on our mortal enemy to the tornadoes were able to capture images and videos that have rarely been seen exhibiting this kind of destruction. The tornadoes have obliterated Alabama and we have evidence to prove it. 

People, especially University of Alabama students, have taken to Twitter and Tumblr to get the word out about how terrible things have been down in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa due to these catastrophic events. Buildings have been destroyed, peoples’ lives threatened and a way of life has been forever changed. Buildings and structures in Alabama will likely take tornadoes and other natural disasters more into account when rebuilding to do whatever is in their power to make sure this never happens again. Alabama isn’t likely to become the new Tornado Alley a la Kansas unless global warming really screws things up but it would be wise for them to take precautions.

Here’s a video of the tornado getting perilously close to Bryant-Denny Stadium, home of the 2010 BCS National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide.

Here’s a link to an image of the before and after of a highway in Alabama. That McDonald’s isn’t there no more in case you couldn’t tell.

And here’s probably the most devastating picture of the damage courtesy of the Big Lead. 

We at wish the best to the people of Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and the entire state. Hopefully, thanks to technology, these images will galvanize people to help and rebuild these cities as fast as possible. 

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