Sony and PlayStation are Dead to Me As PSN Goes Down

Matthew Torino April 27, 2011 0

Sony and PlayStation can officially go to hell. And that’s probably too good for them. After being hacked by the btards, they’ve gone and blown up and basically given away all of their customers’ credit card and personal information. Hey but at least they had the decency to hide your security codes! Awesome! Thanks Sony. I officially will never buy another one of your products.

 I loved the PS one and the PS2 and have had a pretty good relationship with my PS3. It hasn’t broken and probably has more raw power than the other systems. The games are fine. Not as expansive a collection as I’d like but more than doable for someone who chiefly plays sports games. Where else am I going to get the MLB: The Show?

It doesn’t matter. Every systems has pretty much an equal number of pros and cons at this point. I’ve never had a company so arrogant and incompetent that it GAVE AWAY MY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. This now means that I can trust sellers on eBay who hawk knock off football jerseys more than I can trust Sony. They haven’t stolen my credit card numbers. ECseller, one of those knockoffs with their own site, which I’ve bought through, never stole my credit card number. They can be secure. Sony apparently cannot.

I’m mad as hell in case you couldn’t tell. When you have to tell your mom that I may have used her credit card number of my PS3 three years ago and that she should make sure that there aren’t any fraudulent charges on her card. I checked my cards immediately too. I can’t get in and change my password either. Why? Sony has to “upgrade” their security. Upgrade from what? Somebody telling Anonymous no? Well that didn’t work so I guess anything would be an improvement.

You couldn’t pay me to buy anything made by Sony in the future. Everything besides their PlayStation is already a piece of junk and even the PS3’s quality is up for debate. Nobody who knows anything about computers has a Vaio. And did you know that Sony makes an e-reader? It’s completely irrelevant so you really don’t need to. Sony also apparently has “Sony Style” stores throughout the malls of America. Have you ever been in one? No? What a surprise. Oh and their 3D TV’s are a joke. Thanks for the headache, I’ll repay you with my credit card number.

Why would anybody give these people money for their systems or anything when they easily could just get it stolen. They apparently have no PR sense as they pissed off the wrong people by settling with George Hotz and doing anti-free speech things that kinda maybe weren’t in their best interest. I’ll tell ya, jailbreaking has obliterated Apple’s iPhone business for sure. Who’d want it on T-Mobile?

Sony is run by a bunch of incompetent people who have no idea how to run PR or make a gadget that anybody wants. The PlayStation was apparently the only thing keeping the company afloat and with any luck this is going to mercifully sink it.

I’m never going to put any credit card information into the PSN ever again but that goes without saying. I’m never putting another dime into Sony’s pocket either since they don’t deserve it. Microsoft and Nintendo, whichever one of you puts out the better system, come talk to me. I’ll be listening for the news on Project Café/Wii 2/Wii HD and on the Xbox 720. But even if Sony puts out the most awesome system of all time, I’m staying away.

What’s the point? They’re just going to give away my credit card information and then run from the problem.

Let someone else have my information and then basically pretend like it’s not your fault? You won’t see another dime from me.

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