LinkedIn Trying to Challenge Facebook

Matthew Torino April 7, 2011 0

Professional social networking website LinkedIn is trying to upgrade their site into something more. Something that more people will socially use, not just for professional networking. They're basically trying to become the working professionals' Facebook. After pretty much primarily being used for networking occupation wise since their inception, LinkedIn announced a new platform as it were for their web site. Websites and other companies will now have easy to embed recommend buttons, profiles for companies similar to Facebook's and contact apps on third party web sites. This recommend feature is known as the "share" button that will allow users to post a link they like from another site to their LinkedIn page. That doesn't' sound like Facebook at all. You also have the power to recommend products and other things you like. This really doesn't sound like Facebook at all. 

One feature that the new LinkedIn will have that Facebook won't is a tool for personal and professional web sites to have small portions of their LinkedIn profile available for others to see when they visit the web site. This will allow for easier contact with the site's owners and the ability to see their past history as well through one easy link. LinkedIn is positioning itself as the more mature, professional Facebook as the latter becomes more and more focused on preteens and little kids. They're becoming a very immature platform and LinkedIn is trying to swoop in and take the older market from them. Whether they can successfully market themselves as anything beyond a pure networking site will soon be seen but they seem to have as good a chance as anyone, including Google with their +1 feature to take a decent part of the market from Facebook. 

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