Google To Create $100 Million of Original YouTube Programming

Matthew Torino April 7, 2011 0

Google, Internet Giant and Kingpin, is attempting to expand its empire even more. Through its YouTube property, Google plans on creating twenty unique original programming channels. They will reportedly spend over $100 million to fill these channels with original programming which could take YouTube to even higher places, providing even more hits for Google's massive property. 

The shows will be made specifically for the web in the style of viral videos one would assume where people will see them and then pass them on to their friends. After the stir the Rebecca Black video caused, with over 20 million views, the potential is obvious for what a giant viral video has the ability to do. Don't worry though, the shows and programs will be supported by advertising so YouTube, even with this exclusive programming, will remain completely free. Plus many videos already have ads run prior to watching them so it's not a big deal at all.

With more and more TVs becoming Internet connected, such as the Google TV application, this could really break the bank for Google. They have been visiting top Hollywood talent agencies looking for people to help fill these spots. In theory, Google's eventually aim, through Internet ready TVs, would be to replace TV channels and networks altogether with YouTube channels. They are attempting to cut out the middle man between viral videos and TV. 

Google runs the risk of these videos not going viral though which would halt the process altogether. If that happens because hipster Internet folk don't want the "man" telling what they should watch, then there's really nothing they could do. But if this is due to a lack of quality programming, Google will have nobody to blame but themselves. However, if any company is going to cover all their bases and make sure they have the top talent in place, it's going to be Google. 

When sites like Funny or Die, which aren't really making any money, can attract top talent just through names like Will Ferrell, imagine what a fan friendly company like Google is going to be able to do. Since everybody watches YouTube and these videos will finally be able to make it to the small screen, the possibilities are endless. 

It is not known yet when Google is going to start initiating the beginning stages of these programs, but as the sources said, they're visiting with top Hollywood agencies and look to have it all in order. Maybe new Google CEO Larry Page is going to take the company to a level few could have imagined. Maybe this will crash and burn. We don't know, but through this YouTube overhaul, Google is giving themselves and us the best chance to have television and its programming revolutionized. 

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