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Matthew Torino April 5, 2011 0

Google has found yet another way to relate to its massive consumer base: The Google Ambassadors Program. Through colleges and universities throughout the country, the company has found a direct line to some of its most tech savvy consumers. But who’s leading the charge? Just college students Google Ambassadors as they’re known. 

 These Ambassadors for the most part are former Google interns themselves who wished to continue their relationship with the company post-internship. They were still undergraduate students so it would be very difficult to land a full time job, especially at one of the biggest companies in the country. So they continue their relationship through this program. 

These ambassadors hold about five on campus events per academic year and get the word out about Google. They talk about such applications as Google Voice, Google Chrome, Google TV, Android and even Google’s partnership with Teach for America, which could particularly appeal to some students out there.

The ambassadors are mailed these new products as they’re released so they can familiarize themselves with them and then extoll their virtues to the campus audience. It’s a win-win for both as Google gets the word out about the products and the ambassadors get tons of free stuff and work for the company they love.

The students who attend these meetings receive all kinds of swag ranging from socks and silly bands to t-shirts and messenger bags. All the usual. And of course most of these events have pizza. Of course. They can hold these events in any way imaginable from college football viewing party to standard college meeting to anything else they can possibly think of. Like Google, the possibilities seem endless. Hopefully soon they’ll be promoting Gmail motion.

But this just shows that Google is a step ahead of their competitors in relating to their consumers. College students are some of the most tech savvy out there, so kudos to Google for starting innovative programs to reach a part of their base personally. There’s a reason that they’re starting to pull ahead of more heartless competitors and this just adds to it. 

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