Amazon Cloud Player Enters Site Into Streaming Music Service

Matthew Torino March 30, 2011 0

Add another potential card to Amazon's already extremely stacked deck. The company, which owns such others as Zappos, Alexa Internet and IMDB, has now added a music streaming service to their resume. The Amazon Cloud Player will let you upload your music to Amazon's servers which will then enable you to play it either over Web or Android. You will have the ability to upload music from your hard drive to the "Cloud Drive" while also having the ability to "Save to Amazon Cloud Drive" for MP3s. Customers will receive 5 GB of free storage but can receive up to 20 GB if they purchase an album through Amazon's MP3 store. However, past your allotted amount, it will be $1 per GB of storage. Like their Kindle applications, you can download one for your desktop or as an Android app.

It's unknown at this point obviously whether Amazon will provide a similar amount of support for the Cloud as they do for the Kindle or if they even need to. This is intended to be a user driven model that for the most part probably won't generate a whole lot of money for Amazon but will help driving people to their site and apps. The same situation has taken hold at Google where things like Android and Google Voice won't generate money but will help protect the site's main business. Rumors are floating about Google and Apple trying to come up with similar apps for their Android and iOS iPhones soon but who knows when we'll see those. But here's just another reason why Amazon is one of, if not the, best companies in business today.

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