QWOP: Dumbest and Hardest Game Ever

Matthew Torino March 15, 2011 0

You may have noticed the hot new game floating around the internet these days. It's a little thing I like to call "QWOP." It's basically a game where you run with a stick figure. Not exactly ground breaking and intimidating either. Just wait until you play the game.

First of all, if you're expecting any kind of realistic running simulator or Olympic style game where you can be Jesse Owens: run away. Now. Realistic is the last term that comes to mind. While there are kids out there who have difficulties learning to run for whatever reason even when they can walk perfectly fine (these kids also tend to cut the hair off their Care Bears), this game features an Olympic sprinter who lacks the ability to use his limbs to run. 

The Q and W buttons on your keyboard control the anonymous runner's thighs while O and P control his calves. That explains the name of  the game. While it is possible to get your character to be able to highstep to some degree, judging by YouTube videos, there appears to be no way to beat the game except for stupid exploits. 

If you easily get frustrated from video games, QWOP is not for you. It's going to make you question how a human mind conceived of this as something of a running simulation, which is what the original intent appeared to be. Olympic games are notoriously terrible on consoles as the only way to mimic speed is button mashing apparently so at least the developers of QWOP are trying something different. Unfortunately it's time  to go back to the drawing board. 

I may be late to the party with this game, but you really should go and try it. It's hilarious and challenging and still frustrating all simultaneously. I can't really explain it; just go play the game and let your lives be enriched. 

Here are some videos for your masochistic enjoyment. 




And here's the link to the game.

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