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jmaltz@pnosker.com January 8, 2011 0

As one of the biggest names on the headset market, you'd expect Turtle Beach to come to CES prepared with some of their latest products and they certainly have not disappointed.  At this year's CES, the headset manufacturer is showing off three different headsets for all different price ranges starting at the basic Xbox communicator and going up all the way to the highest of the high end.

First up is the XC1, a pure Xbox communicator meant to compete with some of the first party ones on the market. There isn't anything flashy about the XC1 besides the decision to incorporate slits in the ear phone portion to allow for gaming information to flow through the headset.  What's really noteworthy about the A11 is the durability.  Although we weren't able to test it on the CES floor, the set just looks solid, especially when compared to the standard headset.  And at a price of $24.99, that extra durability may be well worth the extra money you drop on it when it releases in the spring.

The second headset shown, and the only one which was available to be tested, is the P11, the PlayStation version of the X11.  Much like its Xbox counterpart, the P11 will come equipped with a noise cancelling microphone and 40 mm speakers.  We played a little GT5 using the new P21 and was pleasantly impressed with how clear the sound was compared to many other headsets in the same price range. The one drawback was that, although clear, the P21s seemed to lack a little at lower frequencies, giving the audio a little bit less body.  Much like the other models, the P11 will be hitting store shelves in Spring 2011.

Then there was the grand daddy of them all, the PX5, Turtle Beach's high end option that they were showing first at CES.  The PX5 is a bluetooth enabled, wireless 7.1 surround sound headset that can be used on the Xbox 360, PS3, or PC.  In addition to the sound quality improvement, this model will allow you to choose from one of 18 presets (9 on each console) or create one of your own if you want to limit specific frequencies.  In an awesome piece of technological wizardry, the PX 5 can also dual connect to a bluetooth device, allowing you to seamlessly transition from gaming to phone call.  Of course, you'll be paying a bit extra for all of these features, but if you have the money, this bad boy is feature packed when it launches in Spring 2011.


[Turtle Beach]-$24.95 (Xbox 360), $59.95(P11),  249.95(PX5)

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