Jimmy’s Vendetta DLC Detailed

jmaltz@pnosker.com August 31, 2010 0

Today 2K released some new details regarding the upcoming Jimmy's Vendetta downloadable content for Mafia II.


The DLC, which will be released for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3, on September 7th, will feature over 30 missions intended to give players a new perspective on mob life.  In order to do this, players will leave Vito and assume the role of Jimmy, the guy who is called when people need their messes cleaned up.  In this case, the Italian mob will need your help cleaning up the Irish and Italian mobsters around Empire Bay.  In order to do so, you will need to undertake a variety of missions including assassinations and vehicle chases.

The Jimmy's Vendetta content will cost 800 MSP or $9.99, depending on your platform of choice.


[Mafia II]-$56.99 (Xbox 360), $59.64 (PS3), and $47.91(PC)

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