Medal of Honor Impressions June 16, 2010 0

The theme of the EA booth this year seems to be reboots of old
franchises, and nowhere is this more true than the Medal of Honor games. 
The series, which had somewhat stagnated as a World War 2 shooter, is experiencing a bit of a
re-imagination with its latest iteration.  We got a chance to go
hands-on with the multiplayer of the newest installment at this years E3
and were pleasantly surprised with what we saw.


Immediately after being dropped into the demo
you can’t help but notice one of the major changes that EA has
undertaken: the setting is no longer Nazi Germany or Islands of the
Pacific but instead modern day Kabul.  The streets of the war-torn city are rendered in incredible detail, from the destroyed buildings, to the burnt out cars all the way down to the tiny pieces of trash which float across your vision, Afghanistan’s city is very well rendered.  The art style also brings to mind the Modern Warfare series, although the lighting in Medal of Honor  has a bit of a different feel to it, a bit more, fiery is the only word I can think of.  The levels feel brighter than the Modern Warfare series, although they are equally realistic.


In terms of gameplay, the only mode that we got to test out was deathmatch, which played quite well.  The controls were pretty standard and responded well, although I couldn’t help but feel aiming was a bit awkward.  The problem was solved slightly by adjusting the look sensitivity sliders, although I never could quite shake the feeling that something was not quite right with the aiming mechanism.  Other than that the newest installment in the series played quite well if you are a fan of realistic shooters.  We were presented with three different load-outs which sported a wide variety of options in terms of weaponry. Although there was no option to customize classes in the demo that we got our hands on, we’re willing to bet that there will be one once the full retail version of the game ships. Other than issues with the aiming mechanics, the game played out pretty smoothly.  As I learned, it is nearly impossible to run and gun your way to victory in Medal of Honor, as my typical shooter tactic resulted in me getting killed before I knew what hit me on multiple occasions.   All in all, as a shooter fan, this new take on the MoH series looks promising and it is certainly a well executed take on the genre. 24 player multiplayer definitely helps the game differentiate itself from the obvious Modern Warfare comparisons, it probably needs to do a little bit more in the gameplay department to truly distinguish itself from its other hyper-realistic shooter counterparts.  If it can do that, then Medal of Honor should certainly be worth your money when it drops on October 12th of this year on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

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