iPhone Connector Repair Review (Hector Truong)

Patrick Nosker January 5, 2010 0

A few weeks ago I went to replace my iPhone 3G battery with a new one with a supposed 1600mah capacity.  I'm not really sure how much more battery life I have with it, but it's definitely better than my 1 year old original.  Stupidly in the reconstruction of the phone, I broke the flat connector that allows the speaker and light sensor to work.  I ordered a new flat connector online and after receiving it I knew I couldn't handle the job.  I searched places to get the phone repaired and found a man named Hector posting on forums that he can fix them for less than the big sites.  I sent my phone with prepaid return shipping label to Hector and got it back in less than a week, and that includes a weekend.

 The phone arrived back safely and it worked properly again!  Hector did a great job fixing my phone and his service is relatively inexpensive.  It's a great last resort if you can't repair yourself and he was very honest and straightforward with me.

 Here are pictures of the broken connector and his repair tools.


Broken connector pads



New Connector



Hector Truong iPhone 3G repair (Flat connector) – 10/10

[Hector Truong]

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